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    Shanghai AQ BioPharma was found on 2007. A leading company specializing on the fluorine containing drug discovery and fluorinated intermediates/chemicals manufacture in china. Our company has 2800m2 space for R & D center and pilot plant, 50 acres for manufacture plant. Spending over 8 years’ research and invention, we developed more than 3000 novel products. The innovative products and core technologies were protected by more than 18 patents. Our feature products including: fluorinated drug intermediate; piperidine; piperazine; pyrrolidine; azaindole,adamantane, azaspiro- and azafused heterocycles etc.  Shanghai AQ BioPharma awarded as “One of the Most Dynamic Science and Technology Enterprises in Shanghai” in 2009; “Second Prize in the Second Shanghai Invention and Innovation Contest” in 2010; “the China Overseas Chinese Contribution Award” in 2012; “Science and Technology Innovation Award” from Zhanjiang High Technology Park in 2012. Our research projects were supported by SME Technology Innovation Fund.  We have established business relationship with more than 500 international customers, including many world class pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and universities.    

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